Vol 6, No 2 (June 1985): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Articles

Influence of intracaudate injection of muscimol on the conditioning performance and EEG in rabbits   Pages (77-78)
Yan-you Huang, Zhen-tong Mei
Adaptive effect and withdrawal syndrome of propranolol in relation to norepinephrine and epinephrine   Pages (79-81)
De-zai Dai, Jin-zhou Xie, Chun-fang Liu, Zhen-nan Wang
Effect of a new adrenergic beta receptor blocker ACC-9089 on transmembrane potential of canine Purkinje fibers in comparison with propranolol   Pages (82-87)
Yue-hua Tan, Andrew L Wit
Effect of soman on the medullary cardiovascular center of the cat and its relation to cholinergic receptors   Pages (87-90)
Xia-ping Xie, Chuan-gui Liu
Effect of phoratoxin B on electrical and mechanical activities of the rat papillary muscle   Pages (91-93)
Martin-Pierre Sauviat, Jacqueline Berton, Christine Pater
Antagonistic effects of changrolin on the contraction of rabbit aortic rings evoked by norepinephrine, potassium and calcium   Pages (93-96)
Han-qing Li, Wei-zhou Chen, Guang-sheng Ding
Comparisons of effects of Hoe-498 and enalapril in isolated guinea pig hearts and rat myocardium   Pages (96-99)
Ji-zou Xiang, Ba Scholkens, W Linz, T Unger, D Ganten, Re Lang
Hypotensive effect of nevadensin   Pages (99-102)
Jie-yun Song, Xiu-ze He, Xiu-fen Chen, Ju-ying Hu, Gui-ying Luo, Yan-zhu Mo
Effect of human leukocyte interferon on Coxsackie B-2 virus-infected rat beating heart cells in culture   Pages (102-106)
Ying-zhen Yang, John W Dyke
Antithrombin activity and platelet aggregation by acid mucopolysaccharides isolated from Stichopus japonicus Selenka   Pages (107-110)
Jia-zeng Li, Cheng-xin Bao, Guan-zhen Chen, Gui-zhen Zhang, Hui-zeng Fan, Ju-di Chen
Anti-slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis effect of verapamil   Pages (110-112)
Hong-quan Zhang, Ru-lian Bian
A procedure for study of the effects of irritant gases on the nasal mucociliary apparatus of rats   Pages (113-116)
KT Morgan, XZ Jiang, EA Gross, DL Patterson
Relation between properties of adrenoceptors in mouse uterine smooth muscle and hormonal states   Pages (117-120)
Duan-zheng Xu, Qin-yan Gong, Zao-chen Yang
Antifertility effects of 2 alpha, 17 alpha-diethynyl, A-nor-androstane, 2 beta,17 beta-dihydroxy, 2 beta-semisuccinate (AF-57)   Pages (121-124)
Zhi-ping Gu, Wei-cheng Wang, Li-men Qi, Pei-juan Shen, Shi-xing Zhao, Rui-lin Li
Antiprogestational action of 5 alpha-dihydronorethisterone   Pages (125-129)
Yun-hong Chu, Quan Li, Zi-fang Zhao, Yi-ping Zhou, De-chen Cao
Response of the Plasmodium berghei ANKA strain to some antimalarials Cong-jun LI%Yong-le QIAN%Lin CHEN   Pages (129-131)
Cong-jun Li, Yong-le Qian, Lin Chen
Influence of pyronaridine phosphate on three-generation reproduction in rats   Pages (131-134)
Bao-ruo Shao, Chong-qing Zhan, Shu-hua Ha
Comparison of the mutagenicity of 4 nitrofurans in a Salmonella/microsome system   Pages (134-137)
Yi-chang Ni, Yue-qin Xu, Bao-ruo Shao
Influence of a bagasse glucan (B0) on leukocyte aggregation and accumulation   Pages (137-140)
Xiao-yu Li, B Damerau, W Vogt
Influence of homoharringtonine on the ultrastructure of murine leukemia P388 cells   Pages (140-144)
Jin-xu Zhou, Pei-qin Zhou, Zhi-qiang Dai, Bin Xu
Cultured human hepatoma cells (BEL-7404) for anticancer drugs screening   Pages (144-148)
Jin-long Yang, Zu-ming Shen, Yi-fang Sun, Jia-xian Han, Bin Xu