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Anti-slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis effect of verapamil

Authors: Hong-quan Zhang, Ru-lian Bian


Verapamil significantly inhibited the contraction of guinea pig tracheal and lung strips induced by SRS-A 100 U/mL in vitro. Verapamil also inhibited the contraction of human bronchial and lung strips induced by SRS-A 100 U/Ml in vitro. Pretreatment of verapamil 25 mg/kg iv antagonized the augmentation of respiratory airflow induced by SRS-A. Verapamil alleviated the asthmatic attacks of guinea pig induced by SRS-A. The anti- SRS-A effect of verapamil was reduced, when the extracellular Ca2+ level was elevated, and vice versa.

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