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Development and characterization of an inducible Dicer conditional knockout mouse model of Parkinson’s disease: validation of the antiparkinsonian effects of a sigma-1 receptor agonist and dihydromyricetin
Chen-hong Guo, Ting Cao, Long-tai Zheng, John L Waddington, Xue-chu Zhen
Neuroprotective effects of olanzapine against rotenone-induced toxicity in PC12 cells
Ya-jie Xiong, Yun-zhen Song, Ying Zhu, Wen-qing Zuo, Yi-fan Zhao, Xiao Shen, Wen-juan Wang, Ya-li Liu, Jun-chao Wu, Zhong-qin Liang
Ganoderic acid A protects neural cells against NO stress injury in vitro via stimulating β adrenergic receptors
Zi-ru Yu, Wei-hua Jia, Chao Liu, Hong-qing Wang, Hai-guang Yang, Guo-rong He, Ruo-yun Chen, Guan-hua Du
Rg1 improves LPS-induced Parkinsonian symptoms in mice via inhibition of NF-κB signaling and modulation of M1/M2 polarization
Jia-qi Liu, Ming Zhao, Zhao Zhang, Li-yuan Cui, Xin Zhou, Wei Zhang, Shi-feng Chu, Da-yong Zhang, Nai-hong Chen

Cardiovascular Pharmacology

Exogenous NADPH ameliorates myocardial ischemia–reperfusion injury in rats through activating AMPK/mTOR pathway
Jiang Zhu, Yi-fei Wang, Xiao-ming Chai, Ke Qian, Ling-wei Zhang, Peng Peng, Pei-min Chen, Jian-fang Cao, Zheng-hong Qin, Rui Sheng, Hong Xie
Urotensin II and urantide exert opposite effects on the cellular components of atherosclerotic plaque in hypercholesterolemic rabbits
Qing-qing Yu, Da-xin Cheng, Li-ran Xu, Yan-kui Li, Xiao-ya Zheng, Yi Liu, Ya-feng Li, Hao-le Liu, Liang Bai, Rong Wang, Jiang-lin Fan, En-qi Liu, Si-hai Zhao

Hepatic, Gastrointestinal, Pulmonary and Renal Pharmacology

Serum biomarkers combined with ultrasonography for early diagnosis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease confirmed by magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Ling-ling Qian, Liang Wu, Lei Zhang, Jing Zhang, Jia Zhou, Yue-hua Li, Qi-chen Fang, Hua-ting Li, Wei-ping Jia
Prostaglandin E1 attenuates high glucose-induced apoptosis in proximal renal tubular cells by inhibiting the JNK/Bim pathway
Yu-han Zhang, Ya-qin Zhang, Cong-cong Guo, Li-kang Wang, Yu-jiao Cui, Jian-jun Dong, Lin Liao

Drug Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion

Comparative strategies for stem cell biodistribution in a preclinical study
Fang Wang, Zhe Wang, Fen Wang, Kelly Dong, Jing Zhang, Yun-juan Sun, Chun-feng Liu, Mei-jie Xing, Xue Cheng, Su Wei, Jia-wei Zheng, Xiong-fei Zhao, Xiao-ming Wang, Jie Fu, Hai-feng Song

Author Correction

Author Correction: Plumbagin attenuates cancer cell growth and osteoclast formation in the bone microenvironment of mice
Wei Yan, Ting-yu Wang, Qi-ming Fan, Lin Du, Jia-ke Xu, Zan-jing Zhai, Hao-wei Li, Ting-ting Tang

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