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Autophagy-dependent removal of α-synuclein: a novel mechanism of GM1 ganglioside neuroprotection against Parkinson’s disease
Yu-Lin Guo, Wen-Jun Duan, Dan-Hua Lu, Xiao-Hui Ma, Xiao-Xiao Li, Zhao Li, Wei Bi, Hiroshi Kurihara, Hai-Zhi Liu, Yi-Fang Li, Rong-Rong He
Identification of critical molecular pathways involved in exosome-mediated improvement of cardiac function in a mouse model of muscular dystrophy
Xuan Su, Yan Shen, Yue Jin, Neal L Weintraub, Yao-liang Tang
GJA1-20k attenuates Ang II-induced pathological cardiac hypertrophy by regulating gap junction formation and mitochondrial function
Yi-le Fu, Liang Tao, Fu-hua Peng, Ning-ze Zheng, Qing Lin, Shao-yi Cai, Qin Wang
MicroRNA-302a promotes neointimal formation following carotid artery injury in mice by targeting PHLPP2 thus increasing Akt signaling
Ying-ying Liu, Xiu Liu, Jia-guo Zhou, Si-jia Liang
Reduced intracellular chloride concentration impairs angiogenesis by inhibiting oxidative stress-mediated VEGFR2 activation
Kai Li, Ying-ying Liu, Xiao-fei Lv, Zhuo-miao Lin, Ting-ting Zhang, Fei-ran Zhang, Jia-wei Guo, Yu Hong, Xiu Liu, Xiao-chun Lin, Jia-guo Zhou, Qian-qian Wu, Si-jia Liang, Jin-yan Shang
Matrine attenuates pathological cardiac fibrosis via RPS5/p38 in mice
Xin Zhang, Can Hu, Ning Zhang, Wen-ying Wei, Ling-li Li, Hai-ming Wu, Zhen-guo Ma, Qi-zhu Tang
AMPK activator C24 inhibits hepatic lipogenesis and ameliorates dyslipidemia in HFHC diet-induced animal models
Shui-mei Sun, Zhi-fu Xie, Yang-ming Zhang, Xin-wen Zhang, Chen-dong Zhou, Jian-peng Yin, Yan-yan Yu, Shi-chao Cui, Hao-wen Jiang, Teng-teng Li, Jia Li, Fa-jun Nan, Jing-ya Li
The artemisinin analog SM934 alleviates dry eye disease in rodent models by regulating TLR4/NF-κB/NLRP3 signaling
Fang-ming Yang, Di Fan, Xiao-qian Yang, Feng-hua Zhu, Mei-juan Shao, Qian Li, Yu-ting Liu, Ze-min Lin, Shi-qi Cao, Wei Tang, Shi-jun He, Jian-ping Zuo
Wu-5, a novel USP10 inhibitor, enhances crenolanib-induced FLT3-ITD-positive AML cell death via inhibiting FLT3 and AMPK pathways
Miao Yu, Zhi-xiao Fang, Wei-wei Wang, Ying Zhang, Zhi-lei Bu, Meng Liu, Xin-hua Xiao, Zi-lu Zhang, Xing-ming Zhang, Yang Cao, Ying-ying Wang, Hu Lei, Han-zhang Xu, Yun-zhao Wu, Wei Liu, Ying-li Wu
NRF2-GPX4/SOD2 axis imparts resistance to EGFR-tyrosine kinase inhibitors in non-small-cell lung cancer cells
Chun-shuang Ma, Qian-ming Lv, Ke-ren Zhang, Ya-bin Tang, Yu-fei Zhang, Ying Shen, Hui-min Lei, Liang Zhu
Enhanced lysosomal function is critical for paclitaxel resistance in cancer cells: reversed by artesunate
Zhe Li, Yu-ting Zhu, Min Xiang, Jun-lan Qiu, Shou-qing Luo, Fang Lin
Pharmacologically inhibiting phosphoglycerate kinase 1 for glioma with NG52
Wen-liang Wang, Zong-ru Jiang, Chen Hu, Cheng Chen, Zhen-quan Hu, Ao-li Wang, Li Wang, Jing Liu, Wen-chao Wang, Qing-song Liu
Low initial trough concentration of rituximab is associated with unsatisfactory response of first-line R-CHOP treatment in patients with follicular lymphoma with grade 1/2
Shu Liu, He Huang, Rong-xin Chen, Zhao Wang, Yan-ping Guan, Chen Peng, Xiao-jie Fang, Zhuo-jia Chen, Shao-xing Guan, Xia Zhu, Quan-guang Ren, Yu-yi Yao, Hong-bing Huang, Min Huang, Xue-ding Wang, Tong-yu Lin

Brief Communication

Targeting DNA-PK overcomes acquired resistance to third-generation EGFR-TKI osimertinib in non-small-cell lung cancer
Xing-mei Liang, Qiong Qin, Bo-ning Liu, Xiao-qing Li, Li-li Zeng, Jing Wang, Ling-ping Kong, Dian-sheng Zhong, Lin-lin Sun

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