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Extracellular vesicles as novel biomarkers and pharmaceutic targets of diseases
Yanfang CHEN, Yaoliang Tang, Guo-Chang FANG, Dayue Darrel DUAN

Review article

Exosomes: new molecular targets of diseases
Saheli SAMANTA, Sheeja RAJASINGH, Nicholas DROSOS, Zhigang ZHOU, Buddhadeb DAWN, Johnson RAJASINGH
Versatile effects of bacterium-released membrane vesicles on mammalian cells and infectious/ inflammatory diseases
You-jiang YU, Xiao-hong WANG, Guo-Chang FAN
Tumor exosomes: a double-edged sword in cancer therapy
Wei SUN, Ju-dong LUO, Hua JIANG, Dayue Darrel DUAN
Exosomal cargo-loading and synthetic exosomemimics as potential therapeutic tools
Song-pei LI, Zhong-xiao LIN, Xue-yan JIANG, Xi-yong YU


Hematopoietic stem cell-derived exosomes promote hematopoietic differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells in vitro via inhibiting the miR126/Notch1 pathway
Feng-ling LIAO, Lin TAN, Hua LIU, Jin-ju WANG, Xiao-tang MA, Bin ZHAO, Yanfang CHEN, Ji BIHL, Yi YANG, Riling CHEN
The ceramide pathway is involved in the survival, apoptosis and exosome functions of human multiple myeloma cells in vitro
Qian CHENG, Xin LI, Yue WANG, Min DONG, Feng-huang ZHAN, Jing LIU
Suxiao Jiuxin pill promotes exosome secretion from mouse cardiac mesenchymal stem cells in vitro
Xiao-fen RUAN, Cheng-wei JU, Yan SHEN, Yu-tao LIU, Il-man KIM, Hong YU, Neal WEINTRAUB, Xiao-long WANG, Yaoliang TANG
Exosomes from Suxiao Jiuxin pill-treated cardiac mesenchymal stem cells decrease H3K27 demethylase UTX expression in mouse cardiomyocytes in vitro
Xiao-fen RUAN, Yong-jun LI, Cheng-wei JU, Yan SHEN, Wei LEI, Can CHEN, Yang LI, Hong YU, Yu-tao LIU, Ilman KIM, Xiao-long WANG, Neal L WEINTRAUB, Yaoliang TANG
Enhancing inactivation rather than reducing activation of Nav1.7 channels by a clinically effective analgesic CNV1014802
Yue-ming ZHENG, Wan-fu WANG, Yan-fen LI, Yong YU, Zhao-bing GAO
Dendritic cell nuclear protein-1 regulates melatonin biosynthesis by binding to BMAL1 and inhibiting the transcription of N-acetyltransferase in C6 cells
Dong CHEN, Yi-pei LI, Yan-xia YU, Tian ZHOU, Chao LIU, Er-kang FEI, Feng GAO, Chen-chen MU, Hai-gang REN, Guang-hui WANG
Prefrontal AMPA receptors are involved in the effect of methylphenidate on response inhibition in rats
Dong-dong ZHANG, Yu-qiu ZHANG, Xue-han ZHANG
Schisandrin ameliorates cognitive impairment and attenuates Aβ deposition in APP/PS1 transgenic mice: involvement of adjusting neurotransmitters and their metabolite changes in the brain
Bin-bin WEI, Ming-yan LIU, Zai-xing CHEN, Min-jie WEI
Association of serum uric acid levels with osteoporosis and bone turnover markers in a Chinese population
Dan-dan YAN, Jie WANG, Xu-hong HOU, Yu-qian BAO, Zhen-lin ZHANG, Cheng HU, Wei-ping JIA
Tanshinol alleviates impaired bone formation by inhibiting adipogenesis via KLF15/PPARγ2 signaling in GIO rats
Ya-jun YANG, Zhu ZHU, Dong-tao WANG, Xin-le ZHANG, Yu-yu LIU, Wen-xiu LAI, Yu-lin MO, Jin LI, Yan-long LIANG, Zhuo-qing HU, Yong-jie YU, Liao CUI
Suppression of eEF-2K-mediated autophagy enhances the cytotoxicity of raddeanin A against human breast cancer cells in vitro
Yi-di GUAN, Shi-long JIANG, Pian YU, Mei WEN, Yi ZHANG, Song-shu XIAO, Xiao-jun XU, Yan CHENG
C1206, a novel curcumin derivative, potently inhibits Hsp90 and human chronic myeloid leukemia cells in vitro
Ying-juan FAN, Yi-xiang ZHOU, Lian-ru ZHANG, Qiao-fa LIN, Ping-zhang GAO, Fang CAI, Li-ping ZHU, Bi LIU, Jian-hua XU

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