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TRAIL-based gene delivery and therapeutic strategies Open
Hui-hai Zhong, Hui-yuan Wang, Jian Li, Yong-zhuo Huang


Donepezil, a drug for Alzheimer’s disease, promotes oligodendrocyte generation and remyelination
Xue Cui, Yu-e Guo, Jia-hui Fang, Chang-jie Shi, Na Suo, Ru Zhang, Xin Xie
Cathepsin L induced PC-12 cell apoptosis via activation of B-Myb and regulation of cell cycle proteins
Xiao Shen, Yi-fan Zhao, Shu-qing Xu, Long Wang, Hui-min Cao, Ying Cao, Ying Zhu, Yan Wang, Zhong-qin Liang
Protective effects of specific cannabinoid receptor 2 agonist GW405833 on concanavalin A-induced acute liver injury in mice
Ze-bing Huang, Yi-xiang Zheng, Ning Li, Sheng-lan Cai, Yan Huang, Juan Wang, Xing-wang Hu, Yang Wang, Jie Wu, Xue-gong Fan
Monocarbonyl curcumin analog A2 potently inhibits angiogenesis by inducing ROS-dependent endothelial cell death
Bin Liu, Liu-su Cui, Bo Zhou, Ling-ling Zhang, Zhi-hui Liu, Lu Zhang
Sevoflurane promotes migration, invasion, and colony-forming ability of human glioblastoma cells possibly via increasing the expression of cell surface protein 44
Ren-chun Lai, Wei-ran Shan, Di Zhou, Xiao-qing Zeng, Kendrick Zuo, Dong-feng Pan, Wei-an Zeng, Zhi-yi Zuo
Y08197 is a novel and selective CBP/EP300 bromodomain inhibitor for the treatment of prostate cancer
Ling-jiao Zou, Qiu-ping Xiang, Xiao-qian Xue, Cheng Zhang, Chen-chang Li, Chao Wang, Qiu Li, Rui Wang, Shuang Wu, Yu-lai Zhou, Yan Zhang, Yong Xu
A novel gemcitabine derivative-loaded liposome with great pancreas-targeting ability
Pei-wen Li, Shi Luo, Lin-yu Xiao, Bo-le Tian, Li Wang, Zhi-rong Zhang, Ying-chun Zeng
C10ORF12 modulates PRC2 histone methyltransferase activity and H3K27me3 levels
Yi Shi, Hong-lei Ma, You-wen Zhuang, Xiao-xi Wang, Yi Jiang, H. Eric Xu
WX20120108, a novel IAP antagonist, induces tumor cell autophagy via activating ROS-FOXO pathway
Rui Ding, Xin Wang, Wei Chen, Zhi Li, Ai-li Wei, Qing-bin Wang, Ai-hua Nie, Li-li Wang
Molecular dynamics simulations on RORγt: insights into its functional agonism and inverse agonism
Cong-min Yuan, Hai-hong Chen, Nan-nan Sun, Xiao-jun Ma, Jun Xu, Wei Fu
Increased BBB permeability contributes to EGCG-caused cognitive function improvement in natural aging rats: pharmacokinetic and distribution analyses
Bin-bin Wei, Ming-yan Liu, Xin Zhong, Wei-fan Yao, Min-jie Wei

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