Call for preprint papers | ChinaXiv-Pharmaceutical Science

Published: 2024-06-27

ChinaXiv-Pharmaceutical Science ( was jointly constructed by Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the ChinaXiv team (ChinaXiv is a national preprint e-infrastructure constructed by National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2016 according to the deployment of Chinese Academy of Sciences). The platform was officially launched and released on November 3, 2023.

Research discoveries have been shared at an unprecedented pace during the COVID-19 pandemic through the evolving role of preprints and preprint servers. Though, there is no preprint server established specific in pharmaceutical science worldwide. ChinaXiv- Pharmaceutical Science was precisely built to fill this gap, aiming to accelerate the high- quality scholarly communication in the field of pharmaceutical science, and receiving English preprint manuscripts from structural biology, pharmacology, drug design, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical informatics, pharmacokinetics, toxicology, etc.

With the goal of “supporting global pharmaceutical preprints”, all submissions to ChinaXiv- Pharmaceutical Science will be published within 1-2 working days after being simply reviewed. We sincerely welcome researchers in the field of pharmaceutical science to actively submit your manuscripts.

Instructions for authors:
The platform's website is (click the "Submit" button on the homepage to submit your manuscript).

Scholars of institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences can directly log in with institutional mailboxes without pre-registration, while scholars from other institutions or universities in China should register with an email address ending with “” or “”. We also welcome scholars, especially young researchers, from other countries to register your account and submit your preprint papers.We accept preprint papers in PDF format, Word format, WPS Office format, and Latex format (including tex, dvi, and ps formats, with a recommendation to submit in dvi and ps formats). The preprint paper to be submitted must be written in English and include the title, author, abstract, keywords, main text, and references.

There should be no intellectual property disputes regarding the paper. Please ensure that your manuscripts conform to the formatting guidelines of ChinaXiv, and adheres to academic standards and ethical norms. If any violation of the guidelines is detected, we reserve the right to reject the publication of the paper.

We will review and process your submission for publication as soon as we receive your paper. Thank you for your submission.

Contact Information:
Address: No. 555, Zuchongzhi Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China
Contact department: Information Center, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Telephone: 86) 021-6807 7923(Ms. Lu); 86) 021-6807 7921(Ms. Mao)

Besides, we sincerely invite domestic and international pharmaceutical scientific research institutes, universities or enterprises to join in the cooperative construction team of ChinaXiv-Pharmaceutical Science. We also warmly welcome scholars in the field of pharmaceutical science from China and abroad to involve in the voluntarily reviewer team to co-build the preprint exchange ecosystem.

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