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Hypotensive effect of nevadensin

Authors: Jie-yun Song, Xiu-ze He, Xiu-fen Chen, Ju-ying Hu, Gui-ying Luo, Yan-zhu Mo


In anesthetized dogs and cats, iv,im or intraduodenal injection of nevadensin 2-40 mg/kg lowered the BP 64±7 mmHg, but the heart rate and respiration remained unchanged. The BP gradually returned to its original level in 2-4 h. In dogs the BP was lowered more by nevadensin (2 mg/kg) than by reserpine(1.5 mg/kg) or hexamethonium.The hypotensive effect of nevadensin and total alkaloids of Rauwolfia were similar. The mechanism of its hypotensive action appears to be both central and peripheral in nature.

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