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Comparison of the mutagenicity of 4 nitrofurans in a Salmonella/microsome system

Authors: Yi-chang Ni, Yue-qin Xu, Bao-ruo Shao


Mutagenicity of 4 nitrofurans were determined at various concentrations in 4 histidine-requiring strains of Salmonella typhimurium, with or without liver microsomal metabolic activation. The concentration-effect curves of mutagenicity of 4 nitrofurans were also tested in the sensitive strain, TA 100. The proper order of mutagenicity of 4 nitrofurans tested is furazolidone>M-254>furapyrimidone>nitrofurantoin, by comparisons of both the positive dose ranges in TA 100 and TA 98 and the concentration-effect curves in TA 100.

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