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Influence of a bagasse glucan (B0) on leukocyte aggregation and accumulation

Authors: Xiao-yu Li, B Damerau, W Vogt


Glucan B0, isolated from bagasse, activated the classical pathway of complement.B0-treated-human-serum (B0TS,0.1 NmB0, 30 min, 30 degree) aggregated human leukocytes dose-dependently. 1 mL B0TS yielded an aggregative activity of 4.4±1.6 microg hog C5a-desArg equivalents. The leukocyte accumulation in guinea pigs was apparently induced bu intrapleural injection of large aggregates of B0. In cobra venom decomplemented mice, B0 still caused splenomegaly. Thus the complement activating effect and RES stimulating effect are apparently independent.

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