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Antifertility effects of 2 alpha, 17 alpha-diethynyl, A-nor-androstane, 2 beta,17 beta-dihydroxy, 2 beta-semisuccinate (AF-57)

Authors: Zhi-ping Gu, Wei-cheng Wang, Li-men Qi, Pei-juan Shen, Shi-xing Zhao, Rui-lin Li


AF-57,a analogue ofanordrin, demonstrated antifertility effects in rats, mice, hamsters and rabbits,depressed the fuction of corpora lutea in rabbits and caused a retardation of cleavage and degeneration of ova in hamsters. The estrogenicity of AF-57 was lower than that of anordrin in mice, but similar to anordrin in rats. AF-57 showed a higher binding ability than anordrin to cytosol estrogenic receptors of uteri in rats.

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