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Antithrombin activity and platelet aggregation by acid mucopolysaccharides isolated from Stichopus japonicus Selenka

Authors: Jia-zeng Li, Cheng-xin Bao, Guan-zhen Chen, Gui-zhen Zhang, Hui-zeng Fan, Ju-di Chen


Human and rabbit’s platelet aggregations were induced by a kind of acid mucopolysaccharide isolated from Stichopus japonicus Selenka(Sjamp). The platelet aggregation curve induced by Sjamp was similar to that induced by ADP. The activity of Sjamp inducing platelet aggregation was dependent on the presence of Ca2+ in the medium, but not affected by aspirin. The antithrombin activity of Sjamp was weaker than that of heparin. The mode of action is different since it was neither dependent upon the antithrombin-III nor inhibited by platelet factor 4.

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