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Influence of pyronaridine phosphate on three-generation reproduction in rats

Authors: Bao-ruo Shao, Chong-qing Zhan, Shu-hua Ha


The parental(F0) male rats at approximately 6 week old received pyronaridine, a new antimalarial drug, ig 10 and 20 mg base/kg daily, starting from 60 d before mating. Two of 14 F0 males in the 20 mg/kg group died before mating. Half of the F0 pregant rats were autopsied on d 20 of gestion. The resorptions and dead fetuses in the 20 mg/kg group were much more than those in the control group, indicating that the drug is embryotoxic. But no external and skeletal anomalies were seen in the medicated groups. F1 progeny in the same group at 2-3 months old were paired ( no sib-mating) to provide F2 fetuses for examination. Neither external nor skeletal dysmorphosis in F2 progeny was found.

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