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A procedure for study of the effects of irritant gases on the nasal mucociliary apparatus of rats

Authors: KT Morgan, XZ Jiang, EA Gross, DL Patterson


In normal rats the mucus flow rates varied considerally from one area to another, but were fairly consistent between animals for each area. The flow rate ranged from 1 to 30 mm/min in different areas. Rats were exposed to formaldehyde( 15 ppm), dimethylamine (175 ppm) and chlorine (2.5 ppm) for 6 h/d * 9 d,the gases inhibited mucociliary function with mucostasis being more variable in extent than ciliastasis. The distributions of areas of ciliastasis and mucostasis were generally similar but not identical for each gas,with all 3 gases, the dorsal surface of the nose were unaffected. This procedure provides useful informations on the effects of irritant gases on rat’s nasal mucocilary apparatus and helps to elucidate the mechanisms responsible for nasal toxicity.

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