Vol 7, No 4 (July 1986): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Effect of GABA applied onto ventral surface of medulla oblongata on respiratory function   Pages (289-292)
Xiao-wen FU, Zi-bin CHEN, Zi-wen QIAN
Effect of anisodine with chlorpromazine on content of acetylcholine in some brain areas   Pages (293-295)
Jun-hua HUANG, Zeng-xing CHEN, Gui-lian WANG
Pharmacodynamics of 5-(1,3,3-trimethylindolinyl) N, N-dimethyl carbamate in mice   Pages (296-299)
Jie-fu JIN, Ru-heng HUANG
Absorption and distribution of 125I-modified snake neurotoxin in rats   Pages (300-302)
De-lin WU, Li-min ZHANG, Jie SUN, Qi CHEN, Nai-bou WU, Zheng-feng GAO, Qing-wu MAO
Effects of soman, VX and 5-(1,3,3-trimethyl)indolinyl-N,N-dimethyl carbamate on cholinesterase isoenzymes in mouse plasma   Pages (303-307)
Xiao-yong HAO, Bo-yi QIN
Effects of 4 psychotropic drugs and 4 central neurotransmitters on lipid peroxidation in human erythrocyte membrane   Pages (308-311)
Ting-sheng SONG, Bu-ling WANG, Neng CAI
Analgesic and antipyretic effects of l-stepholidine without addiction   Pages (311-314)
Lin-fang CHEN, Ju-zhen GAO, Fang-cai WANG
Bufalin promotes the release of noradrenaline from isolated guinea pig vas deferens   Pages (314-317)
Yong-jing HAN, Zhu-hua JIN, Qing-chang HOU, Rong-fen CUI, Han-ying SONG
Changes in adrenal benzodiazepine receptors in spontaneously hypertensive rats   Pages (318-320)
Lie-chang SONG, Ting-chong ZHOU
Antifibrillatory effect of berberine   Pages (321-324)
Da-chao FANG, Xian-gang ZONG, Man-wen JIN, Shao-ming ZHOU, Ming-xing JIANG
Effects of constant rate infusion of low concentration of N-methyltyramine on renal blood flow and systemic hemodynamics in anesthetized dogs   Pages (325-329)
Ying SHEN, Zhao-gui GUO, Yu-wen YE, Xian-liang TANG, Fu-chen YANG
Effects of thioproline on isolated guinea pig papillary muscles   Pages (329-332)
Xiao-min YANG, De-hua ZHAO, Bao-sheng SHENG
Pressor mechanism of tussilagone   Pages (333-336)
Yi-ping LI, Yun-mo WANG
Effect of sodium ferulate on malondialdehyde production from platelets of rats   Pages (336-339)
Zhong-zhu YIN, Jian-ping WANG, Li-na XU
Genetic effects of fluorocarbon emulsion on germinal cells of male mice   Pages (340-342)
Bao-zhen ZHONG, Qi-ni TANG, Pei-jun XIN, Bing-sheng WANG
A combined perfusion-compartmental pharmacokinetic model used to estimate presystemic metabolism of erythromycin in dogs   Pages (342-346)
Sheng-kai HUANG, Xi WU, Sheng HANG, Rong YANG, Hai-tong ZHUO
Acute toxicity of PSD-007 (a new hematoporphyrin photosensitizer) in mice and dogs   Pages (346-350)
Nian-ci SHEN, Bo-jin YUAN, Hui-lan TANG, Bao-chun LI, Jun-ping LIU, Yan-ping LI, Pu ZHANG
Effects of piperaquine on fine structure of erythrocytic stages of Plasmodium berghei ANKA strain   Pages (351-353)
Lin CHEN, Yong-le QIAN, Ze-lin LI, Kui-han ZHANG, Bao-qiang DAI, Ze-fu LIU, Jing-jin WANG
Spectrofluorometric determination of pyronaridine, an antimalarial   Pages (354-357)
Zheng FENG, Cui-ying WANG
Morphological alterations of schistosomulae invading the skin of mice treated orally with praziquantel before infection and cellular reaction of the skin   Pages (358-360)
Shu-hua XIAO, Yuan-qing YANG, Rong-quan ZHANG, Chao-wei ZHANG
Characteristics of cytostatic effects of oridonin in vitro   Pages (361-363)
Xue-tang LI, Chen LIN, Pei-yin LI
Effects of Tremella polysaccharides on synthesis of protein and on glycogen content in normal and injured livers of mice   Pages (364-367)
Wei YUE, Zheng CONG
Effect of cytarabine upon metabolism of phospholipids in leukemia L5178Y cells   Pages (368-373)
Jin-long YANG, Robert L CAPIZZI, Larry W DANIEL, Lynn KING, Moseley WAITE
Effect of 3-aminobenzamide on DNA replication and DNA repair synthesis in S180 cells   Pages (373-377)
Guan CHEN, Qi-chao PAN
Micronucleus formation in mouse polychromatic erythrocyte induced by platinum coordination complexes   Pages (377-381)
Lai-fu ZHONG, Fu-qin ZHANG, Jun LIU, Yuan-xun XIA
Retension and excretion of 147promethium and its chromosome aberrations on bone marrow cells   Pages (381-384)
Shou-peng ZHU, Si-ying ZHENG, Chong-dao WANG, Gen-fa CAO, Xiu-ying ZHAO