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Effects of Tremella polysaccharides on synthesis of protein and on glycogen content in normal and injured livers of mice

Authors: Wei YUE, Zheng CONG


Tremella polysaccharides (TP) 200 mg/kg/d*5 d ip or se increased the incorporation of [3H]Leu into liver protein in normal and partially hepatectomized mice. In normal mice TP mainly increased the incorporation of [3H]Leu into serum protein. The effect of TP on the synthesis of the structural protein of the injured liver became more, where as that on the synthesis of serum protein less than those in normal mice.
TP increased the incorporation of [3H]orotic acid into RNA in both normal and injured livers. This effect was much stronger in injured than that in normal livers. But in both groups of mice TP showed no significant effect on the incorporation of [3H]thymidine into liver DNA. It suggests that promotion of transcription may be the chief mechanism of the effect of TP on the synthesis of protein in the liver.
TP did not alter the glycogen content of liver in fed mice and in mice receiving glucose (4 g/kg, ig) after fasting. TP did not prevent the decrease in glycogen content induced by CCl4 or by partial hepatectomy. It suggests that TP does not influence much the glycogen metabolism in liver.

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