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Morphological alterations of schistosomulae invading the skin of mice treated orally with praziquantel before infection and cellular reaction of the skin

Authors: Shu-hua XIAO, Yuan-qing YANG, Rong-quan ZHANG, Chao-wei ZHANG


Mice were given intragastrically praziquantel 400-600 mg/kg 2 h before infection with Schistosoma japonicum cercariae. The tegument of schistosomulae, recovered from the skin of the medicated mice 15 min to 2 h after the infection, showed swelling, fusion, erosion and vacuolization. An increase in inflammatory cells, a degranulation of mast cells and an accumulation of acid mucopolysaccharides were seen in mouse skin. The results suggest that the cellular reaction in the skin of mice caused by praziquantel plays an important role in killing the schistosomules invading the skin.

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