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Retension and excretion of 147promethium and its chromosome aberrations on bone marrow cells

Authors: Shou-peng ZHU, Si-ying ZHENG, Chong-dao WANG, Gen-fa CAO, Xiu-ying ZHAO


The purpose of this study is to ascertain the correlation between the accumulation of fission product 147Pm in tissues and its possible mutagenic effects. Retention and excretion of 147Pm were observed after iv 147Pm (NO3)3 18.5 MBq/kg to male rats. The dynamic distribution of radioactivity in the body showed that iv 147Pm was firstly and chiefly localized in liver. After 5 d the radioactivity in femur began to elevate steadily and to top the radioactivity in all other tissues until d 91. When 147Pm was selectively accumulated in the skeleton, it caused marked chromosome aberrations of bone marrow cells.
The excretion of 147Pm in the first 3 d was chiefly via the urine. The excretion data in the urine were well described by a three-exponential expression:
Biological t1/2 in urine ranged from 2.7 d for the fast component to 350 d for the slow component.

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