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Absorption and distribution of 125I-modified snake neurotoxin in rats

Authors: De-lin WU, Li-min ZHANG, Jie SUN, Qi CHEN, Nai-bou WU, Zheng-feng GAO, Qing-wu MAO


Rats were injected iv or im with 1.18 MBq of 125I-modified snake neurotoxin (125I-MN) in 0.4 ml saline. The radioactivity in blood rapidly decreased at 1-30 min after iv, but elevated rapidly after im. 125I-MN reached the peak concentration in blood at 30 min. The rate of elimination was 8.2% at 30 min. The biological t1/2 was 8.5 h in blood with a bioavailability of 52% after im. The order of radioactivities in various organs: kidney>lung>hypophysis>liver>adrenals>diaphragm>spleen

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