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Analgesic and antipyretic effects of l-stepholidine without addiction

Authors: Lin-fang CHEN, Ju-zhen GAO, Fang-cai WANG


l-Stepholidine (St), an alkaloid isolated from Stephania longipes, showed no anticonvulsive action on mice induced by pentylenetetrazol. St 50 mg/kg ig showed antipyretic actions on rabbits induced by typhoparatyphoid vaccine. St 50 (mg/kg)* 5 ip in mice did not induce physical dependence as found with morphine. After St 2.5-35 mg/kg ip*7 within 2 d and then challenged with nalorphine 50 mg/kg, the mice showed no jumping response. In morphine-addicted rats, their body weights were restored after morphine sc but not after l-stepholidine.

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