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Effect of 3-aminobenzamide on DNA replication and DNA repair synthesis in S180 cells

Authors: Guan CHEN, Qi-chao PAN


To elucidate the mechanism by which 3-aminobenzamide (3-AB) enhanced the antitumor effect of bleomycin A5 (BLMA5) on S180. We studied the effects of 3-AB on the DNA-replication synthesis and DNA-repair synthesis both in untreated and BLMA5-treated S180 cells. 3-AB 2 mM stimulated DNA-repair synthesis after the cells were exposed to BLMA5 for 30 min, but 5 and10 mM inhibited DNA-replication synthesis and enhanced the inhibition of DNA-replication synthesis by BLMA5 respectively.
3-AB affected DNA-repair synthesis more rapidly than DNA-replication. The results indicate that more than one mechanism are involved in the above-mentioned process.

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