Vol 5, No 4 (December 1984): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Two new formulae for evaluating effectiveness of drug combinations and revision of Bürgi's and Jin's modified Bürgi's formula Pages:217-221
Yuan-yan ZHOU, Hong-yong WANG, Zhi-guang TANG, De-lu MA
Effect of l-stepholidine on rotational behavior in rats Pages:222-225
Wei-xin SHI, Yan CHEN, Guo-zhang JIN
Modification of the effects of repetitive restraint stress on brain biogenic amines by L-tyrosine Pages:226-228
Carlos M QUIRCE, Maurico ODIO, Roger P MAICKEL
Effects of injection of morphine into head of caudate nucleus on activities of neurons of nucleus raphe magnus in rats Pages:228-231
Bing ZHU, Xiang LIU
Dynorphin: analgesic effect via kappa receptors in spinal cord of rats Pages:231-234
Guo-xi XIE, Ji-sheng HAN
Spinal alpha-adrenoceptor and dynorphin involvement in the depressor effect of clonidine Pages:235-238
Cui-wei XIE, Jin-sheng HAN
Effect of puerarin and analogues of daidzein on adrenoceptors Pages:238-241
Yi-pu FENG, Li-ying ZHANG, Gui-yun ZENG
Contraction of the rabbit pulmonary artery by isoproterenol Pages:241-244
Pei-wen ZHANG, Xin GE, Bao-heng SHENG
Inhibitory effects of dynorphin on electric field stimulation induced contraction of blood vessels in vitro Pages:245-248
Feng-yan SUN, An-zhong ZHANG, Lin-mei ZHANG, Gui-hua YU
Central and cardiac histamine receptors involvement in the anti-arrhythmic effect of cimetidine Pages:248-251
Yun-shan LI, Shao-xuan FU
Anti-arrhythmic action of total flavones of Choerospondias axillaris fructus Pages:251-254
Zeng-xi LI, Feng-ju TIAN, Xiu-ying WU, Yu-ping ZHANG, Li TIAN, Shan SHI
Effects of oral diltiazem on left ventricular function in patients with coronary disease Pages:254-257
Jun-ren ZHAO, Quan-shen LI, Xue-yi YANG, Zhi-shan LI, Xue-ping WANG, Hui-yang ZHAO
Effects of tetrandrine on seven vascular smooth muscles Pages:257-260
Wen-shu HU, Zheng-hang ZHOU, Chong-jia HU, Fu-hua LV
Effect of diethyllipoamide on DNA damage and repair of gamma-irradiated mouse bone marrow cells Pages:261-264
Shou-xuan XIA, Hui-ying XU, Su-min HUANG, Guo-cai FAN
Effect of gossypol acetic acid on induction of sister chromatid exchange of spermatogonial cell in mice Pages:264-267
Ren-li WANG, Min-ming WANG, Qun LU, Hui-zhen ZHENG, Yu-long YAO, Xiu-rong JIANG, Zhong-shu ZHANG, Xian-xin PAN
Effect of potassium deficiency on the magnesium metabolism of rats Pages:267-269
Guo-ji ZHENG, Yan-yan DING, Ye XU, Shao-zhen QIAN
Metabolic changes of phospholipids in animals fed with low selenium Pages:269-273
Fang-sheng LI, Feng-qun WEI, Qian-fu BAI, Jin-yang GUAN, You-jin DUAN, Li-ming ZOU, Yu-hua ZHAO, Li LI, Qun JIN
Effects of dimercaptosuccinic acid on binding of mercury with protein in rats Pages:273-278
You-yi LIANG, Bai-yong MAO, Jian-shi ZHANG, Zheng-qin TAO, Guang-sheng DING
Effect of aqueous extracts of Acanthopanax senticosus on parathion toxicity in mice Pages:278-281
Resin hemoperfusion for acute pentobarbital poisoning in rats and rabbits Pages:281-285
Zhao-nian LU, Zhu-hui CAI, Zhao-guang WU
Body retention of 169Yb-citrate and its excretion by 4 chelating agents Pages:285-288
Shou-peng ZHU, Jing-yong ZHAO, Kun-yuan SU, Qi-zhong MO, Guo-lin WANG
Penetration of 169Yb-citrate through intact and abraded skins Pages:288-289
Shou-peng ZHU, Chong-dao WANG, Gen-fa CAO, Guo-lin WANG