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Effect of gossypol acetic acid on induction of sister chromatid exchange of spermatogonial cell in mice

Ren-li WANG, Min-ming WANG, Qun LU, Hui-zhen ZHENG, Yu-long YAO, Xiu-rong JIANG, Zhong-shu ZHANG, Xian-xin PAN


After intragastric gavage of gossypol acetic acid 2,8,20 mg/kg/d×9 d respectively, the mice were injected ip BrdUactivated charcoal suspension. After 54 h, the mice were killed and spermatogonial cells were sampled for SCE analysis. The SCE frequencies of gossypol acetic acid 2,8 mg/kg/d groups were the same 1.4±1.0/cell. Having compared these with that of the control group (1.4±1.0/cell), there was no significant difference. The SCE frequency of gossypol acetic acid 20 mg/kg/d group was 1.8±1.2/cell, and the difference between this group and control group was significant. Although gossypol acetate at lower dose did not damage the genetic material, it should not be neglected that the higher dosage might enhance SCEs of spermatogonial cell.

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