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Effects of tetrandrine on seven vascular smooth muscles

Wen-shu HU, Zheng-hang ZHOU, Chong-jia HU, Fu-hua LV


The effects of tetrandrine (Tet) on seven isolated vascular strips of rabbit were compared. The influence of Tet, verapamil (Ver) and phentolamine (Phen) on noradrenaline (NA) dose-response curves were studied. Tet injibited the contraction evoked by high K+ (60 mM) in thoracic aortic strips and more prominently in mesenteric arterial strips. Phen competiticely antagonized NA. Tet and Ver also antagonized NA but in a noneompetitive manner. Calcium was antagonized by Tet and Ver noncompetitively.
The findings suggest that the Tet-induced telaxation on vascular smooth muscle results from its antagonism to calcium, similar to verapamil.

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