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Effect of puerarin and analogues of daidzein on adrenoceptors

Yi-pu FENG, Li-ying ZHANG, Gui-yun ZENG


The effects of puerarin and analogues of daidzein(F8,F11,F12) on the affinity of β-adrenoceptors,adenyl cyclase(AC) activity and the contractile force of the isolated left atria were studied. The order of drug potencies on the affinity ofβ-adrenoceptors appears to be consistent with that of inhibition on AC activity and on the contractile response of the left areia. F8,F11,F12 were 0.2,26,72,46 μM and 7.27,5.48,5.68,5.49, respectively. The results show that F8,F11,F12 are all β-blockers F8 and F11 stimulate the preparation first and then depress gradually .Both seem to beβ-blockers with intrinsic sympathomimetic activity. Puerarin is not aβ-blocker and has no effect on α-adrenoceptor either.

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