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Body retention of 169Yb-citrate and its excretion by 4 chelating agents

Shou-peng ZHU, Jing-yong ZHAO, Kun-yuan SU, Qi-zhong MO, Guo-lin WANG


After iv 169Yb-citrate 20 μCi/kg in rats, there was a selective deposition and a high accumulation of 169Yb in skeleton disclosed by a well-type scintillation counting technique. Excretion of 169Yb-citrate was slow. About 20% was excreted from urine and feces in 72h. Both amino carboxylic type chelating agents diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid (DTPA) and quinamic acid therapy removed large amount of 169Yb-citrate from the body.Polyphosphoric acid type (propyl aminoethylene diphosphoric acid) and sulfhydryl type chelating agents (penicillamine) showed no significant effect.

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