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Effect of diethyllipoamide on DNA damage and repair of gamma-irradiated mouse bone marrow cells

Shou-xuan XIA, Hui-ying XU, Su-min HUANG, Guo-cai FAN


By means of Bradley and Kohn’s neutral elution method modified by us, the radioprotective agent DELA (100μg/ml) reduced the DNA double strand breaks and accelerated their rejoining in mouse bone marrow cells after 100 Gy γ-irradiation in vitro. If the mice receivedf the first whole-body irradiation of 7 Gy 10 min after ip DELA 1.1 mg/mouse and the second irradiation of 2.5 Gy 60 min before sacrifice, and hydroxyurea used for inhibiting the normal DNA synthesis, the unscheduled DNA synthesis of bone marrow cells in DELA-protected mice was greatly enhanced on d 3 and d 5. These results showed that DELA protected effectively the DNA macromolecules in irradiated hematopoietic cells.

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