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Effect of l-stepholidine on rotational behavior in rats

Wei-xin SHI, Yan CHEN, Guo-zhang JIN


l-Stepholidine(SPD)is an analog of l-tetrahydropalmatine(THP) and tetrahydroberberine (THB). The effect of SPD on central dopaminergic system was studied in rats with unilateral nigral lesion induced by microinjection of 6-OHDA or electrocoagulation.
Results: 1) SPD produced contralateral circlings in both lesioned models of rats; 2) In chemical lesioned rats, SPD potentiated apomorphine-induced contralateral rotation, but reversed amphetamine-induced ipsiateral rotation; 3) In electrolytic lesioned rats, both apomorphine- and amphetamine-induced ipsilateral rotation were reversed by SPD.
The evidences indicate that SPD is an antagonist of DA receptor with some agonistic effects, and in particular, it is a new chemical type of dopaminergic active agent.

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