Vol 3, No 1 (March 1982): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Articles

Autoradiographic studies on binding of glycolate esters with muscarinic cholinergic receptors in mouse brain   Pages (1-5)
Shu-zhen Ye, Gui-fen Li, Zhi-qiang Chi
Effects of intracerebral injection of 6-hydroxydopamine in nucleus raphe magnus on electro-puncture analgesia in rats   Pages (5-9)
Xin-wen Dong, Zhi-hua Jiang, E Shen
Analgesic and other CNS depressive effects of dihydroetorphine   Pages (9-13)
Mao Huang, Bo-yi Qin
Anticonvulsive action of succinate and geometrical isomers of ethylene-1,2-dicarboxylic acid   Pages (13-16)
Ming-yu Zhang, Shi-shan Zhang
Effects of gossypol acetate on neuromuscular transmission   Pages (17-21)
Huai-de Shu, Qin-zhao Yang, Ke Xu
Isolation of venom from Agkistrodon acutus and assay of biological activities of thrombin-like enzyme and other fractions   Pages (21-25)
Guo-qiang Teng, Pei-en Yue, Wen-bin Fan
Influence of sodium selenite on cardiac myodynamic effects   Pages (25-29)
Ji-an Guo, Feng-zhen Tang, Gui-min Li, Wei-guang Zhao
Comparison of antiarrhythmic effects of intravenous injections of changrolin and BL-4712A(author's transl)   Pages (29-31)
Chang-gen Wang, Zhi-min Wang, Yue-fang Zhang, Guang-sheng Ding
Effects of denudatine on action potential of ventricular fibers and its inhibition on arrhythmogenic action of aconitine   Pages (32-34)
Tai-feng Liu, Li-wen Dong
Electron microscopic detections on emulsions of perfluorocarbon blood substitute   Pages (35-37)
Zhi-qiang Dai
Hemorheologic studies on intravenous infusion of perfluorocarbon blood substitute in monkeys   Pages (38-41)
Xun-cheng Ding, Hui-xin Jiang, Wen-juan Cao, Gen-fa Wang, Feng Chen
Comparison of lead excretion in patients after 5 chelating drugs   Pages (41-44)
Han-lin Xue, Wei-min Ni, Yan-chang Xie, Tong Cao
Effects of 2, 2-dimethylthiazolidine hydrochloride on the radiosensitivity of transplantable mouse tumors   Pages (45-48)
Shu-zhen Li, Jing-xuan Cheng, Hui-zhen Ma, Xiu-lan Yu, Ru-shan Lu
Nucleolus segregation of tumor cells induced by actinomycin K and lycobetaine   Pages (48-51)
Zu-wu Wang, Rong-sheng Shu, Bin Xu
Mutagenicity of a new antimalarial drug, pyronaridine, in the Salmonella/microsome system   Pages (51-55)
Yi-chang Ni, Yue-qin Xu, Bao-ruo Shao
A quantitative structure-activity study on artemisinine analogues   Pages (55-60)
Ji-an Wu, Ru-yun Ji
Preparation of [3H] octanoylprimaquine   Pages (60-61)
Ru-xin Shao, Shao-feng Ding
Absorption, distribution and excretion of [3H] octanoylprimaquine in rats   Pages (62-64)
Shang-ren Pan, He-sheng Shao, Nan-xing Xu, Jun-min Sun, Bao-wei Wei, Wei-yi Li, Song Zhang, Ling Su
Disposition of [3H] dimethyl-l-curine dimetho-chloride in rats   Pages (64-68)
Xi-can Tang, Yu-e Wang, Jie Feng, Yu-long Zhang, Dao-ling Zhuang
Immunofluorescent staining of myosin in cultured cardiomyopathic hamster heart cells.   Pages (68-71)
Zeng-hong Tu, Larry F Lemanski