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Nucleolus segregation of tumor cells induced by actinomycin K and lycobetaine

Zu-wu Wang, Rong-sheng Shu, Bin Xu


Actinomycin K significantly induced nucleolus segregation (NuS), mainly macrosegregation of both hepatoma cells and liver cells in mice. The peak of NuS was 19.6±(SD) 1.4% in hepatoma cells 4 h after ip 400 μg/kg and 13.6±1.3 % in liver cells 8 h after ip. In the segregated Nu the volume of fibrous portion was twice as that of granular portion. They were 0.67±0.06 μm3/μm3 Nu and 0.28±0.08 μm3/μm3 Nu, respectively. Vincristine, 10- hydroxycamptothecin and mitomycin inhibited the NuS induced by actinomycin K. Lycobetaine 40 mg/kg could also induce NuS in Ehrlich ascitic carcinoma, mainly microsegregation 4 h after ip.

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