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Hemorheologic studies on intravenous infusion of perfluorocarbon blood substitute in monkeys

Xun-cheng Ding, Hui-xin Jiang, Wen-juan Cao, Gen-fa Wang, Feng Chen


The effects of perfluorocarbon blood substitute (60 ml/kg) on the hemorheology in rhesus monkeys have been investigated. Whole blood viscosity (WBY) and plasma viscosity (PV) were increased. The erythrocyte electrophretic time (EET) was prolonged in autologous plasma in 6 h. In monkeys under iv infusion of perfluorinated emulsions (PFE), the whole blood and plasma became more viscous, and RBC surface electric charge became lower. Rheologic charges correlated closely to the amount of perfluorinated compounds in circulating blood and hematocrit of fluoride. These results suggest that prolonged EET might be due to the decrease in negative electric charge on the surface of RBC, and elevated PV might be due to the high viscosity of PFE.

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