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Comparison of antiarrhythmic effects of intravenous injections of changrolin and BL-4712A(author's transl)

Chang-gen Wang, Zhi-min Wang, Yue-fang Zhang, Guang-sheng Ding


Changrolin is 4-{3’,5’-bis [(N-pyrrolidinyl) methyl]-4’-hydroxyanilino}-quinazoline. BL-4712A is (±)-5-endo-(3-indolecarbonyloxy)-N-(dimethylaminopropyl)-bicyclo[2.2.1] heptane-2,3-di-endo-carboxylic acid imide hydrochloride. Their acute ip LD50 in mice were 342 and 83 mg/kg, respectively. At equitoxic doses (same fractions of LD50) changrolin and BL-4712A were injected iv to compare their antiarrhythmic actions on 5 models: 1) iv aconitine in rats, 2) ouabain infusion in rabbits, 3) topical application of ACh on right atrium of dogs, 4) iv BaCl2 in rats, and 5) electrical stimulation of rabbit hearts. Changrolin showed a more potent effect than BL-4712A by iv medication.

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