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Autoradiographic studies on binding of glycolate esters with muscarinic cholinergic receptors in mouse brain

Shu-zhen Ye, Gui-fen Li, Zhi-qiang Chi


Muscarinic cholinergic receptors determined by the autoradiographic localization of a potent, muscarinic cholinergic antagonist [3H]QNB was studied in mouse brain. Higher densities of silver grains were seen over nucleus caudatus putamen, dendritic regions in the hippocampus, nucleus septi lateralis, nucleus accumbens and pyriform cortex. The greatest density of receptors was observed in nucleus caudatus putamen. If mice were ip injected with glycolate esters, the density of grains in striatum regions was reduced. Displacement potencies of [3H] QNB binding to mouse brain by glycolate esters, correlated with their central anticholinergic potencies. The anticholinergic effect of these glycolate esters closely correlated with muscarinic receptor affinity.

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