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Electron microscopic detections on emulsions of perfluorocarbon blood substitute

Zhi-qiang Dai


An improved method of electron microscopy of negative staining is presented for determining the emulsion droplets of perfluorocarbon artificial blood. The resolving power is 0.01 μm. This method is simpler and more reliable than those reported in literatures.
1. Both emulsions I and II consisted of ultrafine droplets of O/W type. The average diameters of droplet (≥0.04 μm) were 0.08 μm and 0.09 μm, respectively. The maximum diameter for all droplet distributions were below 0.02 μm. It seems that the droplet size target of the emulsions has caught up with more advanced levels.
2. Emulsion I was more stable than II, which contained 0.2% droplets of ≥0.4 μm and caused little toxicity to macro droplets.

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