Vol 8, No 3 (May 1987): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Articles

Effects of anticonvulsants on cyclic nucleotide contents in plasma and cerebellum of convulsive rats   Pages (193-196)
Zi-Hui Jiang, Gui-Fang Cheng, Jia Chen, Li-Ping Wang, Ting-Chong Zhou
Binding characteristics of [3H]etorphine with kappa receptors in golden hamster brain   Pages (196-200)
Shi-Wei Wu, Wen-Qiao Jin, Zhi-Qiang Chi
Effects of exciting habenula by L-glutamic acid on the pain threshold and acupuncture analgesia   Pages (200-203)
Shao Wang, Guo-Jun Liu, Yun-Ling Gao, Yu-Huan Tang
Comparison between the catalepsies induced by D9-tetrahydrocannabinol and haloperidol in rats   Pages (203-207)
Xiao-Ke Gao, Bin Song
Brain dopamine depleted by d-tetrahydropalmatine   Pages (207-212)
Shou-Xi Xu, Guo-Zhang Jin, Lei-Ping Yu, Gong-Xi Liu, Wei-Wei Lu, Sheng-Ding Fang
Effect of ephedrine on myenteric plexus-longitudinal muscle of guinea pig ileum in vitro   Pages (213-216)
Huai-De Shu, Guo-Ping Huang, Zao-Chen Yang
Effects of ginsenosides on sympathetic neurotransmitter release in pithed rats   Pages (217-220)
Feng-Luan Zhang, Xiu Chen
Effects of berberine on physiologic properties of isolated guinea pig myocardium   Pages (220-223)
Yong-Xiao Wang, Xiu-Juan Yao, Yue-Hua Tan
Effects of atropine on basilar, mesenteric artery rings and portal vein strips   Pages (224-227)
Yuan-Bin Liu, Jun Ke, Shi-Ai Weng
Plasma drug concentration and cardiac function in arrhythmic patients during continuous drip of changrolin   Pages (227-231)
Ji-Min Xu, Xiu-Lin Yin, Yuan-Mei Chen, Hua-Min Qi, Chuan-Fu Li, Lan-Yin Shen, Wei-Zhou Chen, Chang-Gen Wang
Effects of sodium molybdate on action potential and myocardial contraction of guinea pig papillary muscle   Pages (231-233)
Xiao-Bo Zhou, Xiao-Guang Li
Inhibitory action of 3,4-dihydroxybenzaldehyde on membrane potential duration and contraction of papillary muscles in guinea pigs   Pages (234-237)
Zheng Fan, Rui-Ming Yao, Zi-Jun Liang
Effects of disopyramide and quinidine on action potentials of canine ventricular myocardium and Purkinje fibers after myocardial infarction   Pages (238-242)
Tian-Li Gao, Johannes Brachmann, Jochen Senges
Influence of propranolol withdrawal on the induction of sudden death in chronically infarcted rats by isoproterenol challenge   Pages (242-247)
De-Zai Dai, Li-Xiang Kuang, Liang Chen, Mei-Lan Huang, Da-Lu Zhang, Xi-An Zhang
Relation of antihypertensive effect and central α-adrenocptor of rhomotoxin   Pages (247-250)
Xing-Jian Chen, Hong-Ying Fan, Yu-Fa Yao, Jia-Xing Zhang, Wei-Xing Gu, Xiao-Ming Liu, Ju-Fang Liu
Abortifacient activity of caffeic acid and its antiprogestational action in early pregnant mice   Pages (250-254)
Yu-Qun Zheng, Fu-Ben Xu, Shu Zhou, Nai-San Li, Zi-Long Shen, Wei-Jian Chen
Calculations of quantum chemistry for the relationship between 6β-amido and antibacterial activity in penicillins   Pages (254-258)
Zai-Wei Li, Pin Yang
Inhibitory effect of hexachloro-p-xylene on hepatic drug-metabolizing enzymes in mice   Pages (258-261)
Ping Yi, Yu-Zhu Quan
Susceptibility of schistosomula at various ages to praziquantel during invasion in mouse skin and observations on certain characteristics of schistosomula surface   Pages (261-266)
Shu-Hua Xiao, Wen-Ju Yue, Jing-Yan Mei
Effects of aclacinomycin B on nucleolar ultrastructure and function of RNA synthesis of human gastric cancer cells   Pages (266-271)
Liang-Hong Li, Yu-Sheng Wang, Guang-Rong Li
Effect of oridonin on metabolism of thymine nucleotides in tumor cells in mice   Pages (271-274)
Ying Li, Tan-Mu Zhang
Effects of Radix Hadysari polysaccharide on immunological function and transplanted tumor in mice   Pages (275-277)
Zhong-Fen Lan, Zhao-Lin Zhang, Guo-Quan Cheng, Feng-Lian Wang, Shi-Fang Xi
Effects of ginseng polysaccharides on tumor and immunological function in tumor-bearing mice   Pages (277-280)
Bo-Chu Qian, Xing-Xing Zang, Bo Li, Chu-Yang Xu, Xiao-Ying Peng
Metabolism of 125I-superoxide dismutase in mice   Pages (281-284)
De-Lin Wu, Mei-Yu Jiang, Li-Min Zhang, Jie Sun, Qi Chen
Detoxication and mobilization of uranium by catecholamic acid   Pages (284-288)
Zheng-Qin Tao, Xin-Hua Xu, Xue-Ming Yan, Zhcn-Jia Chen, Jian-Shi Zhang, You-Yi Liang, Yu-Yuan Xie