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Effects of atropine on basilar, mesenteric artery rings and portal vein strips

Yuan-Bin Liu, Jun Ke, Shi-Ai Weng


The effects of atropine (Atr) on isolated rabbit basilar, mesenteric artery rings, portal vein strips and myogenic activity of rat portal vein strips were studied and compared with verapamil (Ver). Atr inhibited the contraction of rabbit basilar and mesenteric artery rings evocked by K+ (45.6 mmol/L) with an IC50 of 0.08±0.04 and 0.23±0.09 mmol/L, respectively.
Atr inhibited contraction of cerebral artery selectively (p<0.0l). Both Atr and Ver antagonized calcium noncompetitively. The myogenic activity of rat portal vein strips, which was proved to be Ca-dependent, was also inhibited by Atr and Ver.
The findings suggest that Atr 0.04-4 mmol/L may block calcium channels.

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