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Detoxication and mobilization of uranium by catecholamic acid

Zheng-Qin Tao, Xin-Hua Xu, Xue-Ming Yan, Zhcn-Jia Chen, Jian-Shi Zhang, You-Yi Liang, Yu-Yuan Xie


Catecholamic acid [catechol-3,6-bis(methyleneimino diacetic acid), CBMIDA] is a chelating agent synthesized in our laboratory. CBMIDA was shown to be effective in treatment of uranium intoxication. CBMIDA sc 1 g/kg considerably increased the survival of mice acutely poisoned by ip uranyl nitrate (UN). All rats given im 0.1-0.5 g/kg CBMIDA lived 30 d after ip UN 40 mg/kg, while the control rats died within 7 d. The lethal dose of UN was significantly increased in rats after im CBMIDA 0.5 g/kg, therein CBMIDA was more effective than phosphicine. After ip UN (400μg U/rat) following im CBMIDA 0.1-0.5 g/kg or 0.5 g/kg daily for 2 d or ig 2 g/kg in rats, the excretion of uranium in urine was increased, the ratio was 1.76-2.50 in comparison with the control group. Within 2 wk, CBMIDA group showed less intoxication and renal damages than the control rats.

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