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Effects of ginseng polysaccharides on tumor and immunological function in tumor-bearing mice

Bo-Chu Qian, Xing-Xing Zang, Bo Li, Chu-Yang Xu, Xiao-Ying Peng


Investigations were made on antitumor activity and immunological effect of ginseng polysaccharides (PSG) in normal and tumor-bearing mice. The life span of tumor-bearing mice lasted longer after ig PSG 200-800 mg/(kg∙d) for 20 d. PSG also markedly inhibited the growth of Ehrlich tumor cells inoculated 2×106/ mouse, but did not exhibit cytocidal action on Ehrlich tumor cells in vitro.
The numbers of plaque forming cells (PFC) and specific rosette forming cells (SRFC) in tumor-bearing mice immunized with SRBC were markedly increased after ig PSG 400-800 mg/(kg∙d) for l0 d. PSG also increased both serum hemolysin and SRBC hemolysis mediated by quantitative spleen cells in vitro. In normal mice, however, there were no significant changes in those immunological parameters.
This study indicated that the tumor-inhibiting effect of PSG may be related to immunological reaction in host.

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