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Comparison between the catalepsies induced by D9-tetrahydrocannabinol and haloperidol in rats

Xiao-Ke Gao, Bin Song


In cataleptic experiments with rats, cholinesterase inhibitor (TIDC) and OHDA enhanced the catalepsy induced by THC more strongly than that by HPD, Among parasympatholytics, QNB antagonized THC more powerly than HPD. HC-3 had significant antagonistic effects on HPD, but not on THC. It was indicated that the effects of THC were related to increasing activity of cholinergic system.
The bilateral lesions of globus pallidus and caudateputamen caused a marked potentiation in catalepsy induced by THC, but caused a marked reduction in the catalepsy induced by HPD.
It is proposed that both drugs have some differences in mode and site of cataleptic action.

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