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Relation of antihypertensive effect and central α-adrenocptor of rhomotoxin

Xing-Jian Chen, Hong-Ying Fan, Yu-Fa Yao, Jia-Xing Zhang, Wei-Xing Gu, Xiao-Ming Liu, Ju-Fang Liu


Rhomotoxin 8μg/kg iv caused a decrease of arterial blood pressure in rabbits. Small doses 1.2μg/kg also showed antihypertensive effect when injected intracerebroventricularly but not when given intravenously. The antihypertensive effect of rhomotoxin 1.2μg/kg icv was partially antagonized by theα-adrenoceptor blocker phentolamine 50μg icv andα1 blocker prazosin 30μg icv and completely antagonized byα2 blocker yohimbine 50μg icv. The plasma renin activity of rats was suppressed 25.8% by rhomotoxin. These results suggest that the antihypertensive effect of thomotoxin is closely related to centralα2 -adrenoceptors.

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