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Metabolism of 125I-superoxide dismutase in mice

De-Lin Wu, Mei-Yu Jiang, Li-Min Zhang, Jie Sun, Qi Chen


Mice were injected iv or im with 125I-cuprozinc superoxide dismutase (125I-SOD-1). Radioactive counting of 125I-SOD-1 in blood was highest at 3 min. The absorption and elimination in iv group were faster than in im group. The biological t1/2 were 1.5 and 3.6 h after iv and im, respectively. The bioavailability in the im group was 68.7%. 125I-SOD-1 in plasma was subjected to electrophoresis 3 min after injection, with the amount of degradation in im and iv being 22±4 and 25±12 %, respectively. The tissue distribution of radioactivities were as follows: kidney>lung>adrenal gland.

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