Vol 4, No 2 (June 1983): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Comparison between scatchard and dose/response ratio equations   Pages (73-76)
Zheng-jun Jin, Ai-yao Yu
Calculation of rate constants for linear three-compartment open models   Pages (77-81)
Wen-gui Zhang
Central effects of anisodamine, atropine, anisodine and scopolamine after intraventricular injection   Pages (81-87)
Jian-zhong Peng, Li-rong Jin, Xian-yu Chen, Zeng-xing Chen
Potentiation of pentobarbital hypnosis by nitrodiphenyl-aminoisothiocyanate   Pages (87-92)
Zhi-guang Tu, Yu-zhu Quan
Inhibitory effect of morphine on guinea pig ileum contrac-tion was modified by four monoamine blockers   Pages (92-95)
Hui-xiu Zhang, Jian Tang, Si-jia Li, Ji-sheng Han
Spasmolytic actions of active principles of volatile oil of acorus gramineus   Pages (95-97)
Guo-qing Liu, Jian-ning Sun, Zheng-zheng He, Yin Jiang
Effects of nicardipine on vertebral vascular resistance in anesthetized dogs and spontaneous activity in mice   Pages (97-100)
Ji-ying Wei, Mao-lin Su, Min-jun Duan, Yuan-hai Chen, Xiao-mei Liu
Kappa-opiate receptor in blood vessels   Pages (100-102)
Feng-yan Sun, Gui-hua Yu, An-zhong Zhang
Central machanisms involved l~l anti-arrhythmic action of vanilol   Pages (103-106)
Ji-gao Xiao, Xiao-ru Yuan, Xin Chen, Tian-pei Liu
Antl-arrhythmic action of eimetidine   Pages (106-110)
Shao-xuan Fu, Yun-shan Li
Anti-aconitinic effects of caci2 and atropine   Pages (110-113)
Shi-fang Liu, Yu-zhang Yang
Hemodynamic effects of total alkaloids of uncalia macrophylla in anesthetized dogs   Pages (114-116)
Guo-xiong Liu, Xie-nan Huang, Yan Peng
Effects of praziouantel on isolated pig coronary arteries and coronary blood flow in anesthetized dogs   Pages (116-119)
Yun-yang Zhang, Guo-jun Liu, Jian-guo Zhang
Effects of thallium sulfate on cardiovascular and respiratory systems of various animals   Pages (119-122)
E Marmo, A Filippelli, M Scafuro, C Matera, G Bile, A Pujia, G Nistico
Antagonism of antifertility effect of gossypol by aspirin   Pages (122-124)
Ye Xu, Wen-hua Wang, Shao-zhen Qian
Some pharmacological actions of ginseng saponins   Pages (124-127)
Wen-xue Yuan, Lu-he Gui, Jian-ying Zhou, Qi-yun Li, Qing-hai Yu
Effect of 3-cyclopentyl propionate of megestrol ace-tate on uteroglobin secretion in early pregnant rabbits   Pages (127-130)
Yi-qian Yang, Sheng-gen Zhang, Xiu-fang Chen, Cui-zhen Fu
Effects of tetrandrine on contractility of isolated rat uteirus   Pages (130-134)
Wei-xing Yao, Da-chao Fang, Jiao-Iing Zhao, Ming-xing Jiang
Pharmacokinetic formulae of dosage schemes for intravenous drips of antibiotics   Pages (134-136)
Chao-ren Liu
Effect of chloroquine on different stages of asexual forms of plasmodium falciparum in culture   Pages (137-140)
Yuan-chang Zhou, Wei-bin Guan, Wen-jin Huang, Wei-qing Pan
Effects of polypous umbellatus polysaccharides on glycogen storage, enzyme activities in glyconeogenesis and glycogenolysis of liver in mice bearing hepatomah22   Pages (141-143)
Qun Wei, Guo-li Wu, Jian-chu Nie