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Effect of 3-cyclopentyl propionate of megestrol ace-tate on uteroglobin secretion in early pregnant rabbits

Yi-qian Yang, Sheng-gen Zhang, Xiu-fang Chen, Cui-zhen Fu


This work studied. the pre-mature secretion of rabbit uterogolobin (UGL) induced by a gavage of 3-cyclopen-tyl propionate of megestrol acetate. The secretion of UGL into the uterine lumen started on d 3 0f pregnancy (d o being the mating day), reached its peak. value on d 5-7, and then declined by d 10. When a single dose of 'the compound (1.5 mg/kg) was orally administered 3 d before copu-lation, the uterine flushings collected on d 5 and d 7 0f pregnancy showed a signifi-cant decrease of the UGL and total pro-tein content. Meanwhile, high concentra-tion of UGL (3+ to 4+ ) and totalprotein (4土3 mg/2 uterine horns) appeared in dl uterine flushings of treated group. When the compound was given on d0, the premature changes of endometrial secretion did not occur.

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