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Effects of praziouantel on isolated pig coronary arteries and coronary blood flow in anesthetized dogs

Yun-yang Zhang, Guo-jun Liu, Jian-guo Zhang


The tension of isolated strips of pig right coronary arteries was recorded with a force/displace transducer connect-ed to a pen-writing recorder. No signifi-cant change in the tension of the prepa-rations was induced. but the contractile responses of the preparations to KCl (9.50-2138 mM), ACh (0.10-1.00 uM). NA (1.00-10.00 pM, after p一adrenergic blockade by 0.01 mM propranolol) and 15-methyl prostaglandin F2" (2.70-27.00 pM) were significantly antagonized by 0.1-0.5 mM praziquantel. The left circumflex coronary blood flow was measured with an electromag-netic blood flowrneter in 5 anesthetized open-chest dogs. Rapid but transjent in-crease in coronary blood flow was induced 3 min after each iv of 20 mg/kg praziquan-tel (repeated 3 times in each dog) without significant change in arterial blood pressure and heart rate, The results suggest that po praziquan-tel (10 mg/kg tid x 2 d) would not decrease the coronary blood flow in schistosomiasis patients.

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