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Some pharmacological actions of ginseng saponins

Wen-xue Yuan, Lu-he Gui, Jian-ying Zhou, Qi-yun Li, Qing-hai Yu


Ginseng saponins (GS) inhi-bited the croton oil-induced edema in mouse ear and the carrageenan-induced edema in rat hind paw, when GS were injected ip 160 mg/kg. In mice ip GS 130 or 266 mg kg produced an antidiuretic effect, ip 160 mg/kg prolonged the sleeping time of sodium pentobarbital, and ip 50 and 180 mg/kg potentiated the insulin shock. GS caused a stimulation, followed by an inhi-bition, on isolated heart at 0.18, 0.36, 0.72 mg/ml, and an inhibition at l.44 mg/ml. On isolated intestine GS 0.05, 0.09, 0.14, 0.19 mg/ml yielded a dose-dependent inhibition.

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