Vol 8, No 6 (November 1987): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Articles

Mathematical models for hyperbolic type of timed dose-response relationship of drugs   Pages (481-486)
Meng-Ya Wang, Rui-Yuan Sun
Effects of ginseng root saponins on central transmitters and plasma corticosterone in cold stress mice and rats   Pages (486-489)
Xiu-Juan Cheng, Yu-Lan Liu, Yan-Shen Deng, Gui-Feng Lin, Xiao-Tian Luo
Isolation and purification of active opioid receptors from rat brain   Pages (490-493)
Feng Wang, Zhi-Qiang Chi
Radioimmunoassay for dynorphin A 1-13   Pages (494-497)
Cheng-Hai Wang, Yuan-Xiang Zhu, Chong-Ren Wu, Chao-You Song, Bao-Cheng Lin, Bang-Lun Ge
Influence of l-stepholidine on blood pressure and its relation toα-adrenoceptors   Pages (497-501)
Zhi-Ling Xiong, Zhou Sun, Guo-Zhang Jin, Yan Chen
Effects of matrine on myocardial contraction and arrhythmia in isolated heart atria   Pages (501-505)
Hong-Bo Xin, Shi-Fang Liu
Effects of nicotinamide on sinoatrial conduction time and sinus node recovery time in rabbit hearts   Pages (505-509)
Xiao-Wen Wang, Hong-Zhan Wang, Cheng-Ming Zhou, Ke-Jin Zhang
Effects of fluorocarbon emulsion during coronary infusion on electrophysiological activities of rabbit heart   Pages (509-513)
Bo-Wei Wu, Zhi-Qing Zhao, Ruo-Xiang Wang, Xin-Liang Ma, Rong-Rui Zhao
Central action of anti-arrhythmic effect of methylflavonolamine hydrochloride   Pages (513-516)
Ming-Zhen Wang, Bao-Song Wan, Er-Feng Zhou
Effects of 3,6-dimethamidodibenzopyriodonium citrate (Ⅰ-65) on contractions of rat aortic strips and cat papillary muscles   Pages (516-519)
Dun-Xian Tan, Jun-Xiu Chen
Influences of propranolol on uptake and loss of norepinephrine in tissues of rats   Pages (519-522)
De-Zai Dai, Jian Ge, Li-Hua Zhang, Ling Jin
Effects of tetrandrine on positive staircase phenomena and post-rest potentiation of contraction of isolated guinea pig left atrium   Pages (522-525)
Gang Wang, Bin Cheng, Xian-Gang Zong, Da-Chao Fang, Ming-Xing Jiang
Effects of tetrandrine on release of calcium-dependent endothelium-derived relaxant factor   Pages (525-529)
Xiu-Feng Zheng, Hong-Wei Pan, Ru-Lian Bian
Effects of tetrandrine on ovum transport in rabbit oviduct   Pages (529-532)
Yong-Qing Li, Yuan-Xiu Xu
Effects of 2,2’-[(4,8-bis(diethylamino)-pyrimido [5,4-d]pyrimidine-2,6-diyl)di-(2-methoxyethyl)imino]diethanol (RA 642) on experimental scald shock   Pages (533-536)
Ming Yin, Xi-Lin Liao, Shi-Jie Tan
Arrhythmogenic effects of histamine on ischemia hearts of guinea pigs   Pages (536-540)
Yun-Shan Li, Shao-Xuan Fu, Chun-Guang Li
Interceptive action of azastene and its effects on plasma progesterone in pregnant rats and rabbits   Pages (540-543)
Chang-Guan Liu, Mao-Zheng Dai, Wei-Kang Li, Gui-Ming Liu, Zhong-Ming Lin, Ru-Hong Ma
Pharmacokinetics of pyronaridine in malaria patients   Pages (543-546)
Zheng Feng, Zu-Fan Wu, Cui-Ying Wang, Nai-Xiong Jiang
Effects of praziquantel in vitro on adherence of neutrophils to schistosomula and killing of the worms   Pages (547-551)
Shu-Hua Xiao, Wen-Ju Yue, Jing-Yan Mei
Photodynamic action of two hematoporphyrin derivatives on transport and intracellular metabolism of adenosine in hepatoma cells   Pages (551-554)
Nai-Wu Fu, Lan-Ping Quan, Li-Sheng Zhang
A simultaneous determination of rifampin and 25-desacetylrifampin in cerebrospinal fluid and plasma of rabbit by liquid chromatography   Pages (555-559)
Kelvin Chan
Effects of schizandrins and diphenyl dimethyl bicarboxylate on enzymes of liver smooth and rough endoplasmic reticula in rats   Pages (560-562)
Yan Li, Geng-Tao Liu
Effects of quinamic acid on cadmium distribution and excretion in mice and rats   Pages (563-566)
Xue-Ming Yan, Zheng-Qin Tao, You-Yi Liang, Zhen-Jia Chen, Jian-Shi Zhang, Xin-Hua Xu