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Effects of tetrandrine on positive staircase phenomena and post-rest potentiation of contraction of isolated guinea pig left atrium

Authors: Gang Wang, Bin Cheng, Xian-Gang Zong, Da-Chao Fang, Ming-Xing Jiang


Tetrandrine (Tet) 0.32 mmol/ L and verapamil (Ver) 30 μmol/L inversed positive staircase phenomena of contraction in left atrium of guinea pig. After the preparation was partially depolarized with K+ 20 mmol/L, such effect of Tet and Ver became much greater. Propranolol could not inverse the positive staircase phenomena. In addition, after the treatment of Tet 0.32 mmol/L for 20 min the post-rest potentiation of myocardial contraction in the left atrium was depressed by 2.8±0.3g (p<0.01). The results suggest that the negative inotropism of Tet are related not only to the inhibition of Ca2+ influx to the cells, but also to the decrease of the intracellular Ca2+ release.

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