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Effects of 2,2’-[(4,8-bis(diethylamino)-pyrimido [5,4-d]pyrimidine-2,6-diyl)di-(2-methoxyethyl)imino]diethanol (RA 642) on experimental scald shock

Authors: Ming Yin, Xi-Lin Liao, Shi-Jie Tan


Mice, rats and cats were scalded on the backs by boiling water. The survival time (234±117 min vs 85±55min) were prolonged significantly in mice when given RA 642 (7.5 mg/kg, ip). In the cat models, iv 0.25 mg/(kg·h) maintained LVSP, dP/dtmax, (dP/dt)/P and L0 respectively at 24±3 kPa, 484±193 kPa, 24±8 s-1 and 28±17 CFU at 8 h postburn, significantly higher than those of the control group. RA 642-treated cats had lower blood lactate level (1.4±1.0 vs 3.8±1.6 mmol/ L) and rats, lower plasmaβ-glucuronidase activity (13660±4320 vs 17460±3890 IU/ L) as compared with the control group at 8 h postburn. It is suggested that RA 642 may be of value as a therapeutic agent for burn shock.

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