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Effects of ginseng root saponins on central transmitters and plasma corticosterone in cold stress mice and rats

Authors: Xiu-Juan Cheng, Yu-Lan Liu, Yan-Shen Deng, Gui-Feng Lin, Xiao-Tian Luo


The effects of ginseng root saponins (GRS) on the rectal temperature, plasma corticosterone and central transmitters were studied using mice and rats subjected to a cold stress. When mice were put in - 2°C environment for 1 h, the rectal temperature fell significantly. While ig GRS 50 or 100 mg/kg caused a slow fall in rectal temperature of mice in the same condition. The contents of brain NE, 5-HT, 5-HIAA were decreased in mice in -4°C environment for 1 h, and increased in mice after ig GRS 100 mg/kg. But DA showed no change both in cold stress and GRS groups.
When rats were put in -2°C for 1 h, the rectal temperature also fell markedly, the plasma corticosterone increased. While ig GRS 70 mg/kg, the rectal temperature showed no change, the brain ACh and plasma corticosterone increased apparently, but there was no change in brain GABA, Glu and Asp.

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