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Effects of praziquantel in vitro on adherence of neutrophils to schistosomula and killing of the worms

Authors: Shu-Hua Xiao, Wen-Ju Yue, Jing-Yan Mei


When 3-h old schistosomula maintained in a culture system containing normal serum, complement and neutrophils (NSCN) were exposed to praziquantel, numerous neutrophils attached to the worm surface and part of the worms were killed. Less or much less effects of praziquantel on 24- and 72-h old schistosomula maintained in NSCN were observed. The same is true when normal serum in NSCN was replaced by immune serum (ISCN), Preliminary results suggest that in NSCN, complement may play an essential role, while in ISCN the most important element which exhibited a major role may be ascribed to specific antibody.

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