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Central action of anti-arrhythmic effect of methylflavonolamine hydrochloride

Authors: Ming-Zhen Wang, Bao-Song Wan, Er-Feng Zhou


After 2 branches of anterior descending coronary artery were cauterized, the electrical stimulation of the posterior hypothalamus resulted in a consistent arrhythmia with hypertension, mydriasis and cardiac ischemia in rabbits. Methylflavonolamine-HCl (MFA) ia 0.5 mg/kg or iv 5 mg/kg prevented the arrhythmia and alleviated the cardiac ischemia. The arrhythmia in 9/9 rabbits was prevented by ia MFA 0.5 mg/kg, but not by iv. These results suggest that the anti-arrhythmic action of MFA, in addition to its direct action on heart, involves also the central mechanisms.

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