Vol 7, No 3 (May 1986): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Autoradiography of [3H]ohmefentanyl binding with opiate receptors in rat brain Pages:193-198
Shu-zhen YE, Gui-fen LI, Zhi-qiang CHI
Effects of d-isocorydine on mouse vas deferens Pages:198-201
Huai-de SHU, Guo-ping HUANG
Antagonistic effect of ascorbic acid on caffeine-induced elevation of cerebrospinal fluid Ca2+ in rabbits Pages:202-204
Mu-qun CHEN, Suo-di ZHAI, Ping ZHENG, Zuo-hui SHAO, Xiu-rong JIA, Yu-gui LI, Li-ping DONG
Effect of Ca2+ on microtubules and axoplasmic transport of sciatic nerve in vivo Pages:204-207
Si-de GAN, Ming-ming FAN, Guo-ping HE
Effect of higenamine on alpha-adrenoceptors Pages:208-211
Yi-pu FENG, Hong GAO, Gui-yun ZENG
Effects of histamine on ouabain-induced ventricular fibrillation in guinea pigs Pages:212-215
Chun-guang LI, Shao-xuan FU, Yun-shan LI
Effect of oxymatrine on isolated heart atria of rabbits Pages:216-218
Rui-song LI, Xiu-juan YAO, Shui-ying CHEN, Yu-ping RUAN
Effects of seven alkaloids of Sophora alopecuroides on contractility of papillary muscles of guinea pigs Pages:219-221
Rui-song LI, Shui-ying CHEN
Effects of berbamine on isolate myocardium in guinea pigs and humans Pages:222-226
Ning-yuan LI, Wen-han LI, Yi-xiu LI
Beneficial changes in prostacyclin and thromboxane A2 by ginsenosides in myocardial infarction and reperfusion injury of dogs Pages:226-230
Yun-xiang FANG, Nai SHEN, Xiu CHEN
Protective effect of berbamine on myocardial infarction in rabbits and rats Pages:231-233
Xiao-hong WANG, Bao-feng YANG, Yi-xiu LI, Wen-han LI
Effect of guan-fu base A on action potential of canine Purkinje Fibers Pages:234-236
Lu ZHANG, Pei-kun GU, Wen-bao ZHAO, Yan-lian CHEN, Jing-xia ZHANG, Zheng-jun JIN, Wei-zhou CHEN
Determination of quinidine in plasma and its pharmacokinetics by high pressure liquid chromatography Pages:236-239
Yong-ming WANG, Duan LI, Jin-ping WANG, Xiang-yuan YANG, Hong-lu ZHANG, Jie SHAN, Zhi-shan LI
Calcium antagonistic action of N-ethyl perhexiline maleate Pages:239-243
He-ping MENG, Bao-heng ZHANG
Effects of fluorocarbons perfusion on isolated working guinea pig hearts Pages:243-247
Zhao-gui GUO, Chuan-tao MA, Xian-liang TANG, Ying SHEN, Fu-chen YANG
Preparation of Salganicoff’s platelet strip Pages:247-251
Anti-inflammatory effects of total saponins of Panax notoginseng Pages:252-255
Chao-qing HAO, Fan YANG
Pharmacokinetics of norethindrone oenanthate in 5 women after a single dose of norethindrone oenanthate and estradiol valerate Pages:255-259
Guo-wei SANG, Xin-hua LIU
Anti-progestational action of norethindrone-oxime in rabbits Pages:260-264
Xiao-ling GAO, Dun-zhou LI
Mode of inhibitory action of gossypol on Na+, K+-ATPase in vitro Pages:265-268
Yi-xin YE, Xiao-feng BI, Yun-juan ZHENG, Hui-fen YANG
Hemolysis induced by artemisinin and its derivatives in vitro Pages:269-272
Hao-ming GU, David C WARHURST, Wallace PETERS
Evaluation of phototoxicity of five antimalarial agents and praziquantel in mice Pages:273-275
Bao-ruo SHAO, Chong-qin ZHAN, Shu-hua HA
Histological observations on the effects of artemether, fuvinazole and niridazole on Schistosoma japonicum schistosomulae in mouse liver Pages:276-278
Yuan-qing YANG, Hui-zhong YANG, Chao-wei ZHANG
Effects of synthetic isoharringtonine on DNA, RNA, ATP, protein and nucleoprotein of transplanted tumour cells in mice Pages:279-282
Li-sheng LIU, Xian-hua XIAO, Long-di ZHANG, Rong-liang ZHENG, Shao-bai LI, Yu-xin CUI, Xin-fu PAN, Yu-lin LI
Effects of clofibrate, silybin, safflower oil and lamindran on liver peroxisome proliferation and enzyme activities in rats Pages:283-284
Shu-guang WU, You-an SHEN, Zun ZHENG, Kun LONG
Effects of 10-hydroxycamptothecin on chromatin protein synthesis in murine hepatoma cells Pages:285-288
Yi-he LING, Chao-shen ZHAO, Bin XU