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Effects of seven alkaloids of Sophora alopecuroides on contractility of papillary muscles of guinea pigs

Rui-song LI, Shui-ying CHEN


Oxymatrine, cytosine, sophoridine, sophocarpine, sophoramine, matrine and aloperine were isolated from Sophora alopecuroides, and their effects on the contractility were studied on isolated guinea pig papillary muscles under the electrical stimuli (50% higher than threshold volt) with constant rate (0.5 Hz).
All the alkaloids enhanced the amplitude of contractions of papillary muscle in a concentration-dependent manner except aloperine. The toxicities of all alkaloids except aloperine showed spontaneous contractions and decreases of excitability. The toxic concentration of aloperine was 5.4 microM, which decreased the amplitude of contraction to 65%+/-7%.

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